last update 10 Jun, 2013

Terms and Conditions of use

These terms and conditions govern and regulate the use of the services provided to users by EMTRICS, SL . For this purpose, the term User refers to the person that makes use of technical means of EMTRICS, SL to respond to the Client’s satisfaction surveys.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term Client refers to the person or entity that has contracted with EMTRICS, SL to conduct satisfaction surveys among its clients and / or users as a means of improving their business.

Emtrics is a registered trademark of EMTRICS, SL, a Spanish company established in San Enrique de Osso, No. 19, 28050 Madrid (Spain).

Emtrics is a service used to design and conduct user satisfaction surveys, with the purpose of providing information to the business about their opinions, recommendations and complaints. The surveys consist of a series of questions and a method of alternative responses, represented by symbols.

Emtrics is implemented as an anonymous service, since the User, in principle, is not obligated to provide any personal data that may identify him/her. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, the Client may want to communicate with the User, requesting his/her contact details. In this event, the communication of his/her personal information implies the user’s knowledge and acceptance of, as well as his/her consent for the transfer of such personal data from Emtrics to the Client.

Additionally, the User expressly acknowledges being informed that, when accessing Emtrics to complete the survey from an SMS, email, or any other communication that contains the User’s identifying information, the Client, at his own risk, can define collection mechanisms of information embedded in the URL to access the survey, which would enable the Client to recover and eventually identify the User. Emtrics is not responsible for the actions of this nature that the Client may undertake.

Emtrics is the only provider of an intermediation service with the sole purpose of providing the feedback services described above, without assuming any responsibility for the data content or its reproduction.

Any person accessing the Website / Service or any information contained on Emtrics’ website, expressly declares to be at or above the age of majority and agrees to these terms and conditions of use. Consequently, the mere access, use and utilization of Emtrics´ services, implies the compliance with such conditions and the acceptance by the User. If the User does not meet the conditions and does not accept its terms, he/she shall not be authorized to use the services.

Object of service

The service consists of i) a short question survey where the User can choose an answer among the options presented in the form of graphics, type emoticons (Unsatisfied, Neutral, Satisfied), ii) an open field the User can use to leave a message or suggestion to the Client and iii) an optional field to leave his/her contact details, in case the User accepts that the Client get in touch with him/her.

The User can access the survey i) with his/her Smartphone, by scanning a QR code , presented by the Client in a different form of communication, ii) by entering a URL or Internet address, which the Client puts at his/her disposition via any kind of communication tool, and that the User uses on his mobile phone or another electronic device with internet access, or iii) by being redirected from another website or mobile application.

The answers provided by the User are stored by Emtrics and are used for the Client’s own awareness of his/her opinion and to provide better products and services. Emtrics will not publish on the Internet, or other social networks, any of the opinions or comments provided by the Users without their permission.

Emtrics does not charge the User for using the service. It is possible that, due to the service being based on internet browsing, the User run into costs associated with the transmission and reception of data from his/her device. These costs are external to Emtrics and are charged by the telecommunications provider of the User.

For the moment the service is in Beta phase, therefore, the User’s device may not support some features needed by the service, and as a result, the service may not work correctly.

For any inquiries, please contact us at the email address


EMTRICS, SL does not hold services offered by the Clients, therefore EMTRICS SL has no responsibility for the provision of such services, or the content of the advertising used to promote it.

Also, EMTRICS, S.L. does no guarantee that the Clients take notice of the opinions nor act upon them, as well as respond to complaints from the Users.

Finally, EMTRICS, SL shall not be liable for any claims that might eventually be brought as a result of the acquisition of goods or services of the Clients, their advertising messages or suggestions or complaints processes initiated directly through the site or any other means.


In case of discrepancy, the Spanish version of this document, available at, shall prevail